Who am I ?
An ethical approach to nature I was born and raised in Best in the Province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands (1981), a modern village close to farm- and woodlands. Nowadays I live in Goirle, a town near Tilburg in the Netherlands, on the brink of a Natura 2000 reserve, Regte Heide. During my education days I started to realize that I want to contribute to a society built on economics, politics, environment and culture in relation to worldviews. Therefore my photography is aimed at conservation photography, in a way that these images support an ethical approach to nature. An ethical approach means that integrity and respect to nature are key. I appeal to nature conscience, feeling that we are guests in the scenery that we explore. I want to make people wonder about the world around us in all its roughness, splendour and fragility, with the aim of safeguarding biodiversity and empowering significant contributions to nature studies and conservation. Let’s just get started! For a complete summary of my education and experience, see http://nl.linkedin.com/in/martademarteau Photographic equipment My equipment consists of a professional camera and professional L lenses:  Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 300mm F4, Canon 1.4x Converter, Tamron 90mm Di Macro, Canon 17-40mm, Redged Tripod and Giotto Monopod. I also have an extra semi-professional camera with me: Canon 1D Mark II N. Sometimes it’s necessary to hire extra equipment, like I did with the Polar Bears at Spitsbergen (Canon 500mm F4).  
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